Monday, 14 September 2015

Let Second Year Commence!

Hello! I am currently writing this from my new bed, in my new room, in my new flat, in Derby! For those of you who don't know, I moved back to Derby on Friday to get ready for my second year of university. It has been so nice being re-united with my friends and being back in my second home! I'm living in halls again this year so I thought I would take a few snaps of my room before and after so that you could see what it's like!

So this is my room before all the organising and decorating. It was craziness in there for a good few hours!

I also discovered that my sink had a leak! My carpet was soaking wet and it smelt quite badly of damp which wasn't good. Someone did come to have a look at the sink and they should be back in another few days to properly fix it...I hope! As for the carpet I sprinkled some shake-and-vac powder stuff on it and it seems to have gotten rid of the smell thankfully.

After much encouragement from one of my flatmates I finally managed to deal with the mayhem in my room and get it looking all nice and pretty and organised!
The pictures above show my desk area and around my door. I love the desks here because they're so big and spacious! Perfect for when I'm writing essays and need to spread my notes out everywhere.

This is what my sink looks like and the area around my wardrobe. I bought the full length mirror from Ikea yesterday. It's super handy because it's one that you can just stick onto any surface!

This is probably my favourite part of my room! My bed haha! It's such a super cosy little corner and my mattress is incredibly comfy this year (unlike last year) which is great! The downside is that it may make it harder to get out of when I have early morning lectures...
If you're wondering what the floraliness is on the walls it's just wallpaper that I stuck on the noticeboards that were already there.

This is my window. Isn't it pretty? Although it just seems like my view is a bush from this picture, it's actually a bit more exciting than that. When you look down you can see the river and there's so much wildlife to watch, it's just so peaceful! I love it!

The rest of the flat isn't really that exciting. The toilet and the shower are just your bog standard toilet and shower haha but I thought I would show you the kitchen as it's maybe a wee bit more exciting.
We bought a table cloth from Ikea yesterday and you can also see the bunting that I made is up! It makes it look a little homier I think.

Now I'm off to do what students do best when they don't have work to tv, eat junk food and party!
I'm just kidding, I actually eat quite healthily and I was in bed by 11 last night haha...I'm getting too old for this student life ;)

-Shannon xo

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  1. Your room is looking fab! Love the wallpaper! I wonder how long it will stay tidy for!! xo